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All modern automobiles and vans on the road today have an ECU (ENGINE CONTROL UNIT). This Engine Control Unit can almost be called the vehicles’mind’ and has a small processor that takes data from various sensors throughout the engine. It analyses information like the engine temperature, accelerator pedal angle, oxygen content in the burnt exhaust gases as well as many additional parameters. Using the data from these sensors it can then add the ideal amount of gas, in just the correct time to extend a good mix of fuel economy, performance and energy control when pulling away, overtaking, pottering down the street or zooming down the motorway.


When a manufacturer develops a new car they have to take under account each of the conditions it might be subjected to in every one of the areas in which they intend to sell this version. This means instead of just optimising the ECU’s application or’map’ to deliver the best performance or the maximum fuel efficiency they must make compromises into the map to consider these potential differing operating conditions. These may consist of sub-standard fuels, extremes in temperature and elevation, differing emission legislation and even the risk that vehicle might not be serviced on a regular basis and in accordance with the manufacturers recommended directions.

ECU remapping is taking a study from your ECU’s processing chip of the vehicles standard compromised map and adjusting various parameters within the map like fuel pressure, increase pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition progress and throttle pedal control amongst other people to release the true performance from the engine. It’s an entirely safe procedure as it is just giving the motor that the performance it ought to have had in the first place ahead of all the compromises were implemented to the programming. Each engine will have its own distinctive map and by correcting this we could fine tune the characteristics of the motor; unleashing more power and oftentimes reduce fuel consumption too.


ECU programming won’t only improve the engines power and torque figures it will also sharpen the throttle response and also widen the power-band. This is likely to produce the power delivery far more linear, which in turn is likely to make the vehicle feel a lot livelier to drive and the engine more flexible. Frequently, the vehicles electricity output is limited by producer for no other purpose than to make sure that the vehicle matches into a course to match fleet buyers. As a driving enthusiast, you don’t need or want such restrictions placed upon your vehicles ECU and its performance therefore you are able to benefit from the hidden power and torque locked away in your motor management system. Premium ECU tuning File Service

Another main benefit of remapping will be a reduction in fuel consumption. With the extra torque especially at the base of the rev range you will observe a fuel saving since it will require less throttle input to maintain motorway speeds, it is possible to push in a higher gear at a slower speed in addition to helping considerably when fully laden, towing or on gradients and even in start stop traffic.

Many see the modern crop of Turbocharged diesels because the future of street car’s chip tuning. Even in North America, a nation famed for its love of the gas engine is starting to come around to the advantages of turbo diesel passenger cars in particular. These engines offer excellent possibility of reliable low cost tuning without removing any of the appeal of buying and running a turbo diesel driven vehicle, such as market, reliability and longevity.
Following Your ECU update to your turbocharged diesel engine, you will enjoy:

Higher horsepower
Increased torque
Better throttle response
Smoother power Shipping
Improved fuel economy
Safer overtaking

Turbocharged gasoline engines have been considered to be the sport flagship engine for good reason. They boast much higher power & torque amounts than the usual non-turbocharged power-plant with comparable displacement and are usually fitted into the manufacturer’s flagship models. They’re also ideal candidates for programming since the ECU also controls the wastegate (turbo boost pressure control).
After your ECU update to your turbocharged gasoline engine, you may enjoy:

Higher horsepower
Increased torque
Better throttle response
Smoother energy Shipping
Safer overtaking

The normally aspirated petrol engine, although not being the easiest of engines to tune, can nevertheless benefit from a 10-15% power boost with additional torque by careful reprogramming of various engine parameters inside the map. Parameters like the fuel and ignition curves may be fine tuned to provide much better power & torque output. On some engines the camshaft timing may also be tuned within the map, giving additional improvements.

Oftentimes,’after market’ tuning items such as free flowing exhausts, high flow air filters and re-profiled camshafts can only be fully used from the motor once the necessary alterations are made inside the ECU. Careful recalibration of the correct maps may unlock the potential of your new engine parts. Additional power gains might also be accessible when a higher octane fuel is utilized, allowing for more ignition timing.

As soon as we remap a vehicle, especially when fuel economy is the priority we focus on enhancing the very low end torque in particular and widening the power-band so far as we can.

This increase in low end torque will imply less throttle pedal input is required to maintain cruising speeds, when fully laden or when to a gradient. It will also indicate the vehicle will be comfortable in higher gears at slower speeds as well demanding fewer gear changes total.

Should you combine these variables with adjusting your driving style to create the most of the excess low end torque you will find an improvement in fuel consumption. This is most successful on turbo-diesel engines where the savings may be as much as 20%!


We don’t change any hardware in your vehicle, we simply modify the operating parameters in the ECU’s program or’map’. In many cases the map saved on the ECU’s chip can be accessed via the on-board diagnostics port (OBD) at the automobile, normally found under the dashboard. In some newer versions the ECU might have to be removed from the automobile and the casing started, our technicians will then use specialist tools to browse the initial map right from the processing processor.

The tech will then upload the initial map to our map writing staff that will adjust the parameters to increase the performance, fuel economy or a smart blend of both. Depending upon the automobile and ECU kind the chip tuning process can take under one hour and if anytime you wish to return your vehicles ECU to its default settings, then this can be carried out easily and free of charge since we always keep a copy of the original software as a backup.